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The CFS Difference

One of the most important values we have at CFS is showing students how God is the creator and sustainer of the world around us. We point out God's hand at work in academics, the arts, athletics, and even in fellowship with one another.

It is not unusual to hear visitors to Christian Fellowship School say, "I can really feel a difference in this place." Like any place with children, CFS can be a loud and active environment. However, the frequency of Bible study, singing, and prayer mingled throughout a school day at every grade level sets a tone that is unique to a Christian school environment.

Students at CFS experience daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and Biblical integration in every subject. Every teacher and staff member is a committed Christian, seeking to model love and devotion to Christ. As doers of God's word and not hearers only, every day we encourage one another to practice Christ-likeness through acts of kindness, asking for and offering forgiveness, preferring others, and praying for each other. We seek to build a school community, not just through academics, but by sharing our lives in Christ and being of one Spirit.

Such unity in Christ is possible only through prayer and by the grace of God. We are grateful that parents regularly pray for CFS. In addition, teachers meet regularly to pray for the school and for each other. Students, as well, organize their own prayer meetings, in addition to praying during Bible classes and chapels.

We try very hard at CFS to continually present the gospel of Christ and the word of God in a fresh manner.  Spiritual emphasis days, special programs, guest speakers, service projects, and even extracurricular activities are used to communicate the love of God and the message of the gospel.  We recognize that when a person has constant exposure to religious thinking and teaching, it can lead to legalism or callousness towards God and the Bible.  Therefore, we endeavor to teach the difference between being religious and being a follower of Jesus Christ.