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Elementary K-5

Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade have a homeroom teacher and an instructional aide, which allows for small group instruction in core subjects, particularly in reading.  The classroom teacher provides instruction in the core subjects of reading, spelling, language, math, history, and science.   The textbooks used for the core subjects are purchased from Christian publishers, including ABeka, Purposeful Design and Bob Jones University Press.  These textbooks help ensure integration of a Biblical Worldview in the core subjects areas. 

At each grade level, daily Bible instruction is provided, as well as a weekly Chapel to facilitate group worship and help build school unity.  Students also receive instruction in PE, computer, art, music, and library to supplement the core curriculum.  Students learn to read music in fourth grade, and band instruction is an option starting in fifth grade for students interested in instrumental music. 

Each grade level provides opportunities for students to learn how to serve their fellow students and the school community.  The school participates in the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox program each fall, and several grades visit nursing homes to sing and minister to elderly residents.  First grade students work to earn money and then purchase Thanksgiving food for Coyote Hill Children’s Home each year.

Field trips for each grade level provide unique and fun learning experiences and allow students to visit historical sites in Missouri.  Fourth and fifth grade student participate in Biz Town activities to learn how  local governments and businesses work.  Students at several grade levels visit Runge Nature Center for science related learning experiences.


2nd Grade Field Trip to Arrow Rock Historical Park
1st and 2nd graders make a trip back in time at Arrow Rock, Missouri.

4-5th grade students get to work at BizTown in St. Louis.

CFS students in elementary grades score well above the national average on TerraNova3 standardized test scores, and students typically score at Advanced or Proficient in nearly all subject areas.  InView cognitive ability tests also indicate that over 97% of students are performing at or above the level anticipated when compared to students nationwide of similar ability.