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Little Knights Learning Center


At Christian Fellowship Pre-Kindergarten, we are committed to the Christian Fellowship School mission of partnering with parents to provide quality Christian education to prepare students for a lifetime of Christian service.  This means we will work with parents and students in a personal and professional manner that demonstrates Christ-like love, respect, and kindness.  We will provide an academic program that is of a high quality, age appropriate, makes learning enjoyable, and which teaches Biblical truths and Christian values in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our instructional goals are designed to train students in three primary areas: Knowledge, Faith, and Character.  

We recognize that every child is fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14).  Therefore, every child requires learning activities and instruction that address his or her unique needs, talents, and gifts.  To maximize learning, we follow a structured, daily routine that addresses multiple learning styles and student interests.  We make every effort to provide an environment that allows students to develop trusting relationships with teachers and peers, so that as we introduce new activities and skills, students have the confidence to take learning risks and make choices that opens doors to new and exciting learning experiences.

A significant aspect of any pre-kindergarten program is to provide a foundation for personal and social development.  Using scriptural truths and Biblical principles, teachers at Christian Fellowship Pre-K gently and lovingly guide students to grow in sharing, serving, showing kindness, and conflict resolution.  It is emphasized to students that while God exhorts us to reflect His goodness by our good conduct and deeds, He loves us and accepts us because we belong to Him, not because of our behavior.  

enrollment options:

Pre-K Half-Day

The Christian Fellowship Pre-K program is a morning program designed to prepare children ages 4-5 to enter into the CFS kindergarten classroom ready to be learners. Children enrolled in the program will receive direct instruction on phonological awareness, language and literacy, math, science and Bible, as well participate on several educational field trips.

Pre-K Full-Day

Children enrolled in the Pre-K Full-Day program receive instruction and activities that are designed for hands-on-learning. They receive additional lessons to help them grow socially as they navigate peer relationships in a highly social setting and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of lessons that promote gross motor skills. Some of the most recent lessons have included; soccer lessons with Synergy Sports and tumbling lessons at All-Star Performance Institute.