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Middle School 6-8

Middle school at CFS is designed to create a community of students who are growing in their relationship with Jesus, their peers, and their community.  We want to help middle school students not only thrive academically, but also spiritually and socially.  We recognize these middle years are a time of transition, questioning, and developing into the unique person God is making each one to be.  In an effort to create a close, community identity, the middle school has its own separate time for chapel, lunch, and P.E. Since the 6th-8th grades are mixed for these times, they are able to make friendships across the grade levels. We are excited about our middle school program and how it aides in building community and relationships within our school.

Our middle school students take some pretty amazing field trips.  Our 6th graders serve as the school's safety patrol and celebrate their year of service with a spring trip to a baseball game at Busch Stadium with the St. Louis Cardinals.  All the students in grades 6-8 go on a ski trip to Hidden Valley near St. Louis.  The 7th grade students experience a combination of history, science, and fun with a three-day trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

Middle School