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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


 Mission statement

At CFS, our mission is to partner with Christian parents; to provide quality Christian education; to prepare students for a lifetime of fruitful Christian service. The school is a ministry offered to the Christian community whereby the home and the church become co-laborers in fulfilling God's instructions pertaining to the training of children. At CFS, we want our students to receive the very best in academic instruction with Biblical integration and with a Biblical worldview. Although we have a college preparatory curriculum, and we expect that most of our students will attend college, graduation from college is not the ultimate or primary measure of fulfilling our mission. We desire that our graduates be active members of spiritually vibrant churches and find a place of service where they bless others and bring honor to God, their creator. We believe that many of them are called to be leaders in their communities, as well as their churches, affecting the world for Christ.

 Vision Statement

The vision of Christian Fellowship School is to raise up multiple generations of Godly young people who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength; who serve the Lord in both their vocational calling and in the local church; and who worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. It is a pretty lofty vision. But, if you ask Christian parents what their greatest desire is for their children, they will likely say that they want their children to walk closely with the Lord throughout their lives and to spend eternity with Him and with them in heaven. Of course, they want their children to have success and happiness in this life, but they know that preparing children only for this world, and not for eternity, would be a grave and terrible disservice.