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Welcome to Re-enrollment. This information applies to students and familes that are currently enrolled at CFS. 

To setup a Parent's Web account, you will need our district code which is: CFS-MO

Student re-enrollment must be completed online in Parent’s Web. Once in Parent's Web, click on the "Family Information" dropdown in the left directory. Click on Enrollment / Re-enrollment. Click "Start Enrollment Packet" next to the student you wish to re-enroll.

Completion of online re-enrollment will allow families to verify their demographic information in Renweb.

The re-enrollment window and deadline will be communicated in February. 

If you are a current CFS family, and you do not have a Parent’s Web account set up, please do so by clicking on the "Create New ParentsWeb Account" button on the ParentsWeb Login page. This will ensure that you are prepared to complete re-enrollment once the enrollement window is annnounced.

The re-enrollment fee of $150 will also be paid online, and re-enrollment will not be completed until the re-enrollment fee is paid. Students who re-enroll by the deadline will have $125 of their enrollment fee applied to their book fee. Re-enrollments completed after the deadline will require payment of both the re-enrollment fee and the full book fee.