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We pay tuition. Why do we need an Annual Fund?

We know our families, often at huge personal sacrifice, pay tuition for their children to attend our school.  So why do we need to supplement our tuition revenue with donations to our Annual Fund?  CFS has always been an outreach ministry to our community to provide a quality Christian education to as many children as we possibly can.  We believe the body of Christ is diverse, encompassing people of all races and socio-economic status, so why should a Christian school be any different?  So we have made CFS affordable to more families by keeping tuition lower than our costs, and allowing students to receive tuition assistance as needed.  We believe this makes CFS a better school.

We teach our students to have compassion for others, and to give to others less fortunate than we are. Sometimes this is seen as a formal act of kindness through the elementary school's participation in the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Program, or in the Junior Class Mission Trip to help people continue re-building homes in New Orleans.

And then there are times when a family reaches out to another in compassion such as when a parent pays for an athlete who is not their own child to go to state or national championship games so they can still be with the team and participate.  Or it could be donating their child's instrument to the band program to allow another younger student who is eager to learn but does not have money to buy an instrument to be a part of the band.

In order to continue providing quality education, we need to upgrade technology and specific targeted curriculum areas like math and science.  We want our students to have the best materials in the classroom so they can be competitive in today's market and when applying for college scholarships.

And last, we are preparing to expand.  By the fall of 2018, Christian Fellowship Church, which has graciously supported CFS financially from its start in 1981, will be moving to a new building.  While they will continue to support CFS, the school will need to take on more of the burden of the building and its maintenance, as well as renovations for expansion.  We could not ever pass all of this expense on to our current families in a tuition increase.  Therefore, we need funds now to allow us to do what is necessary to expand our student body in the very near future.

Please donate today, so we can continue the legacy of CFS.

Keep the Legacy Alive - Donate Today to the CFS Annual Fund


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