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School Choice Matters

\"This week marks the annual National School Choice Week, which highlights the importance of giving parents the freedom to choose where to enroll their children in school. School choice is a non-issue for the many Americans who have the means to move to school districts with high-quality public schools or to send their children to private schools. But to the millions of families living in poverty, school choice can be a lifeline. These families have their children assigned to schools that are often under-performing, so being able to enroll their kids in a better school can propel students to higher achievement and change the course of their lives.\"  US News Online - By     
While we don\'t have school vouchers or school tax credit money to use yet in Missouri, I can promise you parents in Columbia agree having a variety of schools to choose from is essential, even in a community like ours where public education is still strong and a viable option.  This is also why CFS offers tuition assitance to 20-25% of our students each year.  We know many parents desire a quality education with a Christian viewpoint, yet not all families can afford to send their children to a private school.  This is also why we are gearing up to expand our school in 2018, to double it in size so we can offer the kind of education we have over the last 30+ years to our growing population in Columbia.
Many of our parents are alumni of CFS, choosing to carry on the legacy of Knowledge, Faith, Character to their own children.  Their kids get a kick out of seeing their parents on the composites along the wall in the high school, or flipping through yearbooks to get a glimpse of their parents when they were here at school.  The parents often comment how things have changed so much, yet also so much has stayed the same. 
We hope as school choice becomes a topic in politics, as it will in the near future, that our community voices their desire to keep the education options open and available to everyone in our state and not just the affluent. 
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