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CFS Scrip Program

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Support CFS while you shop!  Did you know that if every family at CFS just purchased gas and groceries through our Scrip program, we could easily earn $20,000 per year?  You can also use Scrip to eat out, go to the movies, purchase home goods, and travel.  The possibilities for our earning money are endless.

We earn rebates on every purchase made from vendors who are Scrip Members.  There are literally hundreds of stores we use all the time, and our Scrip volunteer coordinator, Carrie Conklin, has added local vendors like Hy-Vee, Breaktime and Shakespeare's Pizza to that list for us.  Anyone can participate - parents, grandparents, friends - so please take a moment each week and plan out your shopping.

Visit Shop with Scrip for details and sign up today.  Use this code to specificy CFS as the beneficiary of your shopping: L987E67B39622

Watch these videos for details on using the Scrip Program:

What is Scrip

Presto Pay allows you to purchase Scrip cards on the fly while in line at the register of a participating vendor and have them sent to your email account.

Watch Presto Pay video

After signing up for Presto Pay, you can even get cards delivered to your phone and look really cool when you pay at the register on your phone!

My Scrip Wallet

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