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The Knightly Review

Coming Soon!

The students and staff of CFS will be combining their talents (on loan from God) to produce a showcase of beauty in art, literature, and music. We will host a show in August 2022 to display what we have created to give honor to our Father.


WHAT: Create a yearly publication called the Knightly Review


WHY: To highlight and celebrate student writing, art, and musical talents; can be used as an excellent marketing tool for CFS



Hickman has been creating a similar publication for many years, and they have seen a great deal of success. Aubrey and Stephen both have a copy of their latest issue to share with everyone. 


Each year a group of Hickman students are chosen to be the “staff” for the Hickman Review. Their role is all to complete all parts of the process from beginning to end. Students apply to be on staff and have to have recommendations from teachers as there is a high standard for students who are chosen. 


Student Staff Roles: Editor-in-chief, art editor, production editor, manuscripts - typically a staff of about 15 students


One staff member serves as the sponsor. Their role is to oversee the process and keep the students on task and on budget. 


Hickman spends all year creating their publication, while only meeting once a week after school