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CFS Seniors

Every year the senior class does a handful of fundraisers for their annual trip down to Destin, FL. This trip is more than just a getaway, more like a last hurrah for the seniors. One last week to spend with each other before we go our separate ways for college. Instead of just asking for money, we the seniors love to host and organize fundraisers that give back to our customers (ex: Krispy Kreme, Leaf Raking, Childcare, etc)



This year the 2018-19 senior class will be hosting their very own color run at CFS!  

This year's color run is doubly amazing! You can donate if you would like to support the seniors, but not run or if you live out of state and won't be able to participate but have a grandson or granddaughter in the class. Also a portion of your donations and ticketing money will go towards a tree memorial for Bryce Hill, a beloved senior who tragically passed away and meant the world to us. We thank you for donating!!

- Joy Bunch, CFS Senior