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Remote Learning for CFS

March 17, 2020
By Max Vikhter

Dear CFS Families,

In these uncertain times, many schools all over the world are scrambling to find ways to continue the learning process in a remote setting. From the moment I stepped foot into Christian Fellowship, I knew there was something different about this place. An emphasis on family, in a Christ-centered environment, where students are known and loved; this for me was the perfect launching pad for a "state of the art ministry" where Christian discipleship and 21st Century Learning intersect. 

With us transitioning to a distance learning model starting Wednesday, I am pleased to introduce our solution that will ensure high quality, Christ-centered education... from a safe distance. Our teachers have been working tirelessly and taking some professional risks as they stretched beyond their comfort zone to collaboratively build an accessible online platform for their instruction. With the help of Mr. North, we have been setting up systems and training students to access the materials they will use. Our mission is that there will be minimal interruption of learning. I commend our teachers for going above and beyond in learning these new methods in a matter of days while they continued their daily teaching duties; we really have an amazing faculty, and I am honored to serve them.

We are using the days leading up to Spring Break to test our platform and refine our system to meet our students' needs. We will be in contact over break as the situation unfolds. The website housing our resources should function on most devices with an internet connection; we also recommend a keyboard for older students completing written assignments.

You can access our Remote Learning Platform going on the school website and navigating to the My CFS page, or directly by following either of these links:

Thank you for your commitment to Christian education as we walk this road together. Please feel free to respond to this email or reach out to Matt North if you require any assistance; we appreciate your feedback as we work to improve the experience and remain connected with our students.

In His Service,

Max Vikhter