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School Supplies And Recommended Technology

Microsoft Office 365 and google classroom Accessibility

In our efforts to ensure our students are proficient in the use of technology, CFS has made Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite available to all middle school and high school students.  Students are currently learning the use of one or both of these software programs within their core classrooms and in computer classes for presentations, group collaborations, study skills, and quiz taking. Every high school student has been given an email address, which allows them to download the full and most recent Office Suite, as well as receive 1 TB of cloud storage through OneDrive. This email address also serves as a Google login to access Google Classroom and the G Suite.

Bring Your Own Device in High School

Many high school students are already bringing their personal laptops for school use, however, to take full advantage of O365 and Google Classroom, CFS High School adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. With this program, all students will choose and bring to school their own device that meets the school’s minimum specifications. We chose this program for several reasons:
•    The prevalence of web-based tools and non-device specific programs
•    The desire for students to be able to produce original work
•    The ability for students to customize their learning experience
•    The budgetary realities of each family
•    The freedom for students to choose a device that fits their comfort level and interests
Although we want students to be proficient in the use of technology, CFS still recognizes the importance of balancing the use of technology with traditional textbooks and will continue using textbooks and other hard copy resources.
Through the links below, you will find the minimum specifications for a BYOD that will serve the students throughout the required classes for graduation. These devices will run MacOS, Windows or Chromium OS and will rely heavily on WIFI connectivity at home for the use of web-based applications.
As families select a device, the first decision will need to be whether to purchase a Chromebook or a more powerful Mac or Windows based laptop. The main difference between the two types of systems is that Chromebooks run web-based programs but also are more affordable. Students will be able to complete the vast majority of their assignments using the online Google and O365 suites. However, high level courses such as statistics may need tools that are not yet accessible on the web-based programs. If students are planning to take statistics, a Windows or Mac device is recommended. Click on the links below to view specific device standards:
CFS will provide support to the student body for basic issues such as connecting to school wifi and troubleshooting software issues.  Physical damage or complex issues will require families to find options for support off campus.  Families are strongly encouraged to consider an extended warranty, breakage policy, or a customer support program when purchasing a new device. If a student or faculty member's device is in need of repair, The Tech Shop, located next to 5 Guys on North Stadium, has agreed to offer a 20% discount on labor for repairs.