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The Bible recognizes all activities of a believer as forms of worship when they are done unto Him, but CFS chapels provide special opportunities for students and faculty to give honor to God and for spiritual growth and unity.   Our desire is that students would experience the presence of God during these times and not just receive information or go through a religious ritual.

CFS has four, weekly chapels, designed to serve students in an age-appropriate manner.   The grades are grouped: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  All chapels include singing unto the Lord, a Bible-based teaching, and prayer.  Chapel speakers include CFS faculty and staff, community ministers and spiritual leaders, and, for high school chapel, current students.  Elementary chapels are led by CFS faculty and staff.  Middle school chapels are also led by faculty and staff, however, students may lead singing with their own worship band.  High school chapels are coordinated by a student chaplain and singing is led by a student worship band.