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Field Trips

A Sampling of Field Trips for CFS Students



Lower Elementary:

Arrow Rock

Students can stroll through the history of a once-bustling river town that’s now the serene village of Arrow Rock.  They walk streets lined with the architecture of the historic “Boone’s Lick Country.” At Arrow Rock State Historic Park, they can see the historic J. Huston Tavern, which dates back to 1834, and provides a dining experience in the oldest continuously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi River.   They can also view displays of historic furnishings in the old kitchen and upstairs bedrooms.  They can visit other historic buildings, such as the Old Courthouse and George Caleb Bingham's house.  They get to learn about the history of Arrow Rock and the "Boone's Lick Country" through exhibits and audio-visual presentations in the visitor center. The historic site is part of the larger Village of Arrow Rock, which features quaint stores and several antique shops.








Daniel Boone Home in Defiance, MO

The Historic Daniel Boone Home is nestled upon the rolling hills of wine country and overlooks the Femme Osage Valley. This beautiful setting represents life in the early 1800s and brings the legacy of Daniel Boone to life. Within the thick limestone walls, stories of a daring man offer a glimpse into family matters, risky adventures and hard-fought battles.

Today the Boone Home overlooks the village, a simulated town comprised of more than a dozen 19th Century buildings. Each building originated from within 50 miles of the property. Buildings such as the general store, school house and grist mill offer a peek into life on the Missouri frontier.

Upper Elementary:

BizTown in St. Louis

BizTown provides an amazing opportunity for students to get a real feel for how their community works together for the benefit of the residents.  Unlike most field trips, students prepare weeks in advance for their participation.  

Mrs. Hill is the 4th grade teacher, and she says that teachers spend about 10-12 weeks preparing for the trip.  They present lessons on financial literacy (checkbooks, savings, and other banking terms), community (rights and responsibilities of a citizen), work readiness (filling out a job application, interview skills, and soft skills), and business management (working in business teams to start and run a business).  This all culminates in their BizTwon day where students work at their job for a day and earn a paycheck.  Possible jobs include CEO, CFO, directors of organizations, principal, teachers, security, mayor, on-air talent (for radio and TV), sales associates and others!  A few businesses at BizTown are Smokehouse Mrket, Print Shop, AT&T, Utilities, City Hall, First Bank, and many others.  Students also get the opportunity to be consumers and spend money they earn from their jobs at the various businesses throughout their day.  Kids come away with snacks, balls, toys, and stuffed animals.  They can even rent a cell phone for the day from AT&T.  It is such a fun experience!