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Yearbook is the one class in which your project will always be around. It doesn't go into the trash at the end of the semester; it goes home with every student in the school. It lasts. However, yearbook requires work, dedication, and creativity. Creating the yearbook requires taking photos, learning photo techniques, and getting the best product that we can: the clearest picture, the most creative settings and poses, and so on. It requires creating layouts for pages, and it requires creating a theme for the book and planning it out. It requires time in and out of class.

In addition to these requirements, it requires editing. Whether it is pictures or text, we must edit and make sure that there is no content which is incorrect or embarrassing. Each page must go through a series of reviews by other students and the teacher in order to make sure that they are error free and free of pictures that are not flattering or well-composed. Since this is a project that lasts (and lasts), every aspect must be well-done, and that is a huge responsibility.